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Comfortably carry your DSLR or mirrorless camera with this black Sniper Strap Rotaball One with Rotaball Connector from Sun-Sniper. This adjustable cross-body strap is ideal for cameras weighing up to 5kg. A built-in shock absorber allows for the utmost comfort when shooting while the shoulder pad rotates to accommodate both left and right-handed persons. The Rotaball One includes a limiter to prevent camera swing while the included blokker prevents the connector from being tampered with or unscrewed. Your new strap attaches to the bottom of your camera for speedier and easier use.

Unparalleled User Advantages:
  • Holds DSLR Camera with Lens
  • Ideal for Cameras up to 5kg
  • Free spinning steel ball-bearing Rotaball Connector
  • Back and neck friendly shock-absorber
  • Connector blocking blokker
Unique Safety Features:
  • Most advanced connector for free spining
  • No unauthorized unscrewing blokker
One-of-a-Kind Comfort:
  • Smoothly padded shoulder pad
  • Swing minimizing limiter
  • Switchable shoulder pad for right and left hander
  • Ergonomic design for men and women

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