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Take advantage of this Rotaball Strap Surfer With Rotaball Connector from Sun Sniper to attach your camera to your messenger bag or backpack. The Strap Surfer allows your camera to slide up and down your messenger or shoulder strap with ease so you don't have to think about where your camera is when you are ready to take a picture. Designed for cameras weighing up to 3kg, the strap surfer has an extra level built in with the Rotaball connector which attaches to the bottom of your camera with a built in Blokker which prevents unwanted tampering.

Unparalleled User Advantages:
  • Connects Camera to a messenger bag
  • Ideal for cameras up to 3kg
  • Allows camera to slide up shoulder strap
Unique Safety Features:
  • Most advanced connector for free spinning
  • No unauthorized unscrewing blokker
One-of-a-Kind Comfort:
  • Extra security with free spinning steel ball-bearing Rotaball Connector
  • Swing minimizing limiter
  • Ergonomic design for men and women

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