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Designed and developed in Germany, the black Rotaball Double Plus Harness with Connector from Sun Sniper offers a comfortable and inspired method of carrying up to three cameras with attached lenses. Wide, padded shoulder straps suspend a camera on each side of the wearer's body. These two cameras are attached to Rotaball connectors that screw into the camera tripod socket. The beauty of the Rotaball is that it utilizes a multiball bearing to permit free swiveling of your camera. Included blokkers offer peace-of-mind by preventing the Rotaballs from accidentally unscrewing.

The Double Plus Harness has a connector from which a third camera may be suspended. This camera is attached with the strap lugs, and not a tripod screw. Photographers on long shoots will appreciate the spine relieving built-in shock absorbers, as well as the limiters that prevent the camera from swinging too far backward while moving quickly. Ergonomic shoulder pads contribute to increased comfort, too. Perhaps best-of-all, the harness has invisible, built-in steel cables to foil cut and dash thieves. 

Unparalleled User Advantages:

  • Holds up to 3 Cameras with attached Lenses
  • Ideal for Cameras up to 5kg
  • 2 x Free spinning steel ball-bearing Rotaball Connector
  • 2 x Back and neck friendly shock-absorber
  • 2 x Connector blocking blokker

Unique Safety Features:

  • 2 x Most advanced connector for free spinning
  • 2 x Invisible slash proof steel wire
  • 2 x No unauthorized unscrewing blokker

One-of-a-Kind Comfort:

  • 2 x Underarm strap ensures added security
  • 2 x Smoothly padded shoulder pad
  • 2 x Swing minimizing limiter
  • Switchable shoulder pad for right and left hander
  • Ergonomic design for men and women

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