Insure your kit with the Canon Camera Equipment Policy

Is all of your camera equipment fully covered under your home and contents policy all of the time?  Even when you are away from home or travelling?
The Canon Camera Equipment Policy is unique as
it covers your camera gear both in Australia and while travelling overseas.
This allows you to be covered anywhere, anytime!

The policy insures you for theft, loss and accidental damage to all of your camera gear including:

  • camera body
  • lens
  • memory card
  • tripod
  • flash
  • camera bag

Choose a level of cover that reflects the value of your camera gear.

Click here to find out more about Aon’s anywhere, anytime Canon Camera Equipment Insurance Policy 

Note: The information Canon is providing in this message is not intended to imply any recommendation or opinion about this insurance policy.

Please carefully consider the Product Disclosure Statement available from the Aon website to determine if this policy meets your needs.

AON Canon Camera Insurance Options