Bonus offers with Mirrorless

You'll love the outstanding features of these lightweight compact system mirrorless cameras to help you control all aspects of your photography. The result is high performance and stunning image quality in both your stills and Full HD movies.

What is a Mirrorless camera?

Unlike a DSLR, which uses a mirror to reflect light into a viewfinder, mirrorless cameras – sometimes known as compact system cameras – do not contain a mirror, which makes them generally smaller than DSLRs. Despite the differences in design, mirrorless cameras - like DSLRs – still allow you to be creative with lenses.

Learn more about Canon Mirrorless Cameras

EOS R System

Learn more about Canon EOS R

EOS M50 with bonus Joby GorillaPod 3K Tripod, SD Card and Photobook offer

From stunning stills to 4K movie footage, the feature packed, super compact and easy to use EOS M50 mirrorless camera is perfect to capture every unexpected detail of your next trip away.

EOS M100 with bonus Three Jackets and SD Card offer

Compact, lightweight and stylish the EOS M100 features a range of smart shooting modes that make it perfect for anyone looking to take their first step into interchangeable lens photography.

EOS M6 with bonus Joby GorillaPod 3K Tripod, SD Card and Photobook offer

The content creators camera. Whether you're vlogging, Instagramming or out street shooting, the EOS M6 has easy to use controls in a body full of features found in enthusiast level DSLR cameras.
*Get access to Canon's wide range of EF and EFS lenses for your Mirrorless camera with a BONUS Mount Adapter.


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EOS M5 with bonus EF Lens Mount Adapter, SD Card and Photobook offer

The EOS M5 has uncompromising EOS quality. It's the perfect compact companion for high-end photographers, or an alternative to mid-level DSLR cameras.
*Get access to Canon's wide range of EF and EFS lenses for your Mirrorless camera with a BONUS Mount Adapter.

Compatible lenses

With our mirrorless cameras you can easily swap lenses and take a different view. As well as an exclusive range of versatile, compact EF-M lenses, you can use the Canon Mount adapter to access a huge choice of EF-S and EF lenses for DSLRs.

The ultimate style companion to store and carry your EOS M and accessories

Ensure your images and video are sharp with these tripods

Must have accessories


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