Introducing Canon's New Guided Display

Taking better photos has never been easier. Learn how to capture the shots you have always wanted with Canon’s New Guided Display.

If you're unfamiliar with camera vocabulary, the new Guided Display available on the EOS 200D, 800D and 77D will help you learn as you shoot. With easy-to-understand in camera instructions, the images onscreen will guide you on the different shooting effects, helping you to capture the shots you have always wanted.

AV mode is perfect for creating those blurred out backgrounds - it’s as easy as sliding your fingers onscreen to ‘blurred’. Capturing beautiful flowing water movements is just as simple, by following the ‘flowing’ or ‘frozen’ guide whilst in TV mode.

EOS 200D

Our most compact and easy to use DSLR. With simple to understand photo tips, this lightweight DSLR camera is perfect to capture your everyday moments.

EOS 800D

Great for beginners. With Smart Auto mode, the camera will automatically choose settings like exposure for you - so all you have to do is get out, point and shoot.


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Lets you get creative instantly. With easy to understand controls, you will begin to experiment with different modes instantly and develop your photography skills.