Where will your gear take you?

When Pat Callinan, Australia's leading 4X4 authority, packs for a trip, he always makes sure that he has quality camera gear on board. A phone might be convenient, but will it get the shots that end up in the magazine or hang on the wall? 

You need a proper camera. For 4X4 adventures, camera gear has to be tough and reliable. It also has to be easy to use. With three customised packs and bonus inclusions, we've got you covered.  Hurry, only 100 of each bundle available and offer otherwise ends 18/03/2018.

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G5X Compact Pack | The range of manual controls and high resolution OLED electronic viewfinder offers DSLR-like handling in a compact design. Save on space while maintaining complete manual control.

Compact Pack

EOS 800D Creator Pack | Get creative without having to learn photo jargon. The Guided Display of the EOS 800D shows you what to do to get that great shot.

Compact Pack

EOS 6D Mark II Enthusiast Pack | Tough, compact, and Bluetooth connected - this is the adventurer's camera. From beautiful landscapes to stunning night skies, full-frame image quality allows you to create pictures worth hanging on your wall. The vari-angle LCD screen, and fast 'touch' AF allows you to find new anlges and control focus with ease.

Enthusiast Pack

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