Sterilisation of Camera, Lens, and Video Products

As you know, Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an evolving global situation. To help put you in the best position to stay happy, healthy and safe out there, we have updated our recommended standard sanitisation procedure for imaging products as a measure to protect against infection.

For the purpose of protecting against novel coronavirus infections, alcohol is recommended to sterilise* and clean any part of the equipment you can touch with your hands. These include camera grips, dials and lens exteriors for both video and still cameras.

*Normally, alcohol used for sterilisation purposes include ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. Please be aware the types of alcohol for sterilisation differ slightly depending on where you purchase it from across Australia. Caution is required when handling ethanol or isopropyl alcohol designated for sterilisation in concentrated forms. We strongly suggest that you wear protective gloves on your hands during this process and follow any other directions provided by the alcohol manufacturer.

Below is our recommended standard sanitisation procedure:

- Use a soft clean cloth for cleaning. Wet the cloth with alcohol to sterilize your gear, but do not soak the cloth so it is dripping.

- Avoid using spray-on or direct-from-the package sterilisation products (e.g. pouring alcohol. Alcohol wipes are OK) as it heightens the risk of moisture intrusion to the product which may lead to issues.

- Do not use alcohol for sterilisation to clean any image sensors or lens surfaces that have a coating applied to them.

- Do not use cleaners that contain volatile solvents such as paint thinners or benzine to clean your cameras or lenses as it could cause a fire and/or be harmful to your health.

The above information describes Canon’s recommended standard sanitisation procedure as a measure to protect against the spread of the novel coronavirus at this time. Canon does not recommend this procedure be used as a long-term cleaning method for regular product maintenance. This sterilisation procedure is preventative only. Canon does not guarantee the elimination of the novel coronavirus from Canon products and takes no responsibility for those who become affected by the novel coronavirus after following this procedure.

This heightened cleaning measure poses a low risk to the long-term integrity of your imaging equipment. We will share further updates regarding best practice care for your gear as the situation continues to evolve.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like more information regarding the sterilization and care of your camera gear, please contact our Service and Repairs team here: