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The Sun-Mover (Zebra/White) from Sunbounce is a 32" (82 cm) collapsible oval reflector with 2 built-in handles and a spring steel hem that keeps the reflective surface as tight as a drum for consistent, efficient reflection of light. It has 2 surfaces, zebra and white-the zebra side is a herringbone pattern of gold and silver that reflects a very pleasing warm, moderately contrasty light, and the white side reflects a softer, more diffused light. The Sun-Mover folds to 1/3 of its size for storage and transport.

The special feature of the Sun-Movers is that the reflection area can be adjusted to be Concave or Convex using the two focussing handles. Hence, the Sun-Mover offers three different light qualities: Hard - Neutral - Soft. 
  • Total Size: approx. 33” x 30”/84 x 77cm
  • Open Diameter: 32” (81cm)
  • Folded Diameter: 12”
  • Shape: Oval
  • Colour: Zebra Gold/Silver - Backside White



Barcode 4260197011012

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